The Wuji Field

In the ancient Chinese ideograms for Wuji (infinite space embodied in between matter, energy and spirit), the character “Wu” translates as “nothing or without,” and the character “Ji” translates as “the ultimate or extreme.” Together, the term “Wuji” translates as “ultimate emptiness,” and describes the vast expansiveness of infinite space. In ancient China, this concept was symbolically represented by the formation of a never-ending circle.

The Wuji is the state of no boundaries, the state of pure and complete oneness. Its essence is that of emptiness (as depicted by the empty circle) which relates to the awareness aspect of our Shen Xian (Eternal Soul).

The ancient Chinese believed that the Wuji, extending from the Divine, is an infinite ocean of microscopic vibrations, from which all the realms of creation and all the different energetic worlds are constructed. Like an invisible web, it is through the Wuji that the Divine manifests its infinite form.

...Through the quiescent states of prayer and meditation, the ancient Chinese Qigong masters were able to dissolve their energy into the infinite space of the Wuji and reconnect with the Dao, transcending both time (Yang) and space (Yin). Through stillness of Mind, one can realize the boundless ocean of vibrations connected to everything contained within the Wuji.

...On the most fundamental level, all things are constructed of quantum energy, constantly exchanging information within the Wuji’s inexhaustible energetic field. All matter in the universe is interconnected by energetic waves contained within the Wuji’s sea of energy, which transcend the manifestations of time and space.
— The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine, Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, PhD, DTCM (China)