Our Vision

Eclipse by  Nara Pilgrim Wood

Wailua is the name of Kauai’s longest and largest river. A sacred river to the ancient Hawaiians, the Wailua River flows from the Great Weeping Walls of Mount Wa’iale’ale, and bestows a unique healing energy in its rarified atmosphere. In the yogic and medical traditions of the East, water is associated with the infusion of life-energy. The meridians, or pathways of subtle energy throughout the body, are likened to rivers. Therefore, when the rivers of our body are flowing harmoniously, there is health, and there is radiance.

We offer full holistic evaluations and provide therapeutic treatments tailored to your unique needs and wants. All of our therapies are hand-selected to address a range of body-mind-spirit imbalances. Wailua means “where the joyful waters meet”. This meaningful phrase expresses our vision. Our role is to help our clients find the place of Wailua in their own body, mind, and spirit—so they can flow where the joyful waters meet.

Our logo is a watercolor commission from the talented artist, Nara Wood. The painting depicts the mountains of Kauai with three streams of water flowing into a single river, from which a lotus blossoms under an eclipsed Sun. The Mountain is the water-source, where the knowledge of healing resides. The three streams flowing from it are the streams of Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese medicine, all flowing into a single river of knowledge. Their unity provides the fertile soil for the lotus to bloom. The eclipsed Sun represents the transformation of life-energy, the awakening of consciousness, the light and the dark. The flower and the Sun together show the fundamental polarity of nature in a dynamic harmony—the yin in the yang. When these dynamic principles are in harmony, it is said that Heaven meets Earth.