Where to start....There are so many nice things to say about Wailua Healing Hearts in the Wailua homesteads. Their peaceful location is situated near the Hindu Monastery and sacred forest of Rudraksha trees. And when you meet Nicole you see that she emanates an inner tranquility. She greets you with a calming politeness. The private massage room near the back of their house is an outdoor screened-in room that is very comfortable; the massage table and linens were top quality. The professional, therapeutic massage rated an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Her focus, attentiveness and fluidity were outstanding. Nicole adeptly zeroed in on the trigger points to take care of the “crunchy” spots in my neck and shoulders. Each of my several sessions was kind of a consciousness-expanding experience that left me completely relaxed and realigned. So do your sore muscles a favor and call Nicole soon. She’s unique.
— B.C., Kapaa

Nicole gives incredible massage and rolfing. I’ve been massaged by her several times now and she’s very sensitive to what’s going on with my body, very strong, capable and artful in working out the knots and tension and is an all around high-level healer. She’s got the intuition and the application down. Magic hands, worth every penny. You will not be disappointed.
— S.M., Los Angeles

After 5 glorious weeks in Kauai, Hawaii during the winter of 2017, I return to Chicago. Two days later I slipped on ice and broke off my Greater Tuberocity that holds my rotator cuff and other important things to my shoulder, and fractured my humorous. The orthopedic had me all set for surgery, which would entail a 3” plate and 7 screws. But the doctor says “though quite unlikely, your x-ray looks as if your injury is still in alignment. He sent me for a cat-scan, and sure enough it maintained in perfect position. I DIDN’T HAVE TO HAVE SURGERY! I can only thank Nicole for the remarkable Rolfing treatments I received during my trip. I am a dance instructor, and studio owner, and was seeking a Rolfer to provide numerous deep muscle treatments while in Kauai. What a blessing it was to find Nicole. She is holistic in her approach to achieving alignment and healing. Nicole had a plan for each of my 6 sessions, and I was even able to get an expert Ayurvedic evaluation of my overall health from her partner Neeshee, that has me on a much better path of health. Don’t miss out on this dynamic duo!
— Shelley, Chicago

When I went to Nicole I was in need of a good massage to loosen up my shoulders and back. She gave one of the BEST massages I have ever received...and I have received many great massages from many places and countries. She is strong, and uses her hands and arms to massage in unique ways. It relieved the tightness quickly but gently. I loved the beautiful relaxing flute music that was playing softly in the background also. All of that made me completely bliss out for the whole 90 minutes. She is a gem!
— S.K., Los Angeles

Very professional and excellent work! I highly recommend.
— C.P., Kapaa

I loved your Ayurvedic facial massage! My face was clean and glowing for a good week. Thanks so much.
— V.H., Kapaa

Hands down the best massage on Kauai. Nicole’s hands, forearms and elbows are magical they make my aches and pains disappear. Most times without me mentioning where it hurts. Nicole is a master in her art, go see her now!
— K.K., Kapaa
Neeshee’s effortless approach to counseling and educating through Ayurveda creates a natural inspiration and commitment to this particular health approach. Over the course of our treatment sessions together, Neeshee helped steer my health, physically and psychologically, back to a much more balanced state. During this time he introduced a new lifestyle approach, gave herbal supplements for support, and was a guide in areas of my life which always seemed to be a consistent struggle. His years of academic study, as well as an innate ability towards coaching, he easily helped guide me back towards my optimal state of health. During my time with Neeshee, clarity was gained and my health restored. I am very grateful.
— K.S., Kapaa

After several weeks of consultation with Neeshee I have so much more energy, I’ve lost weight, and I have a keen understanding of the bodily and emotional imbalances that my diet, habits, and environment tend to produce, and I have remedies for them. For the first time in my life I am a truly healthy person, body and mind. I fully recommend participating wholeheartedly and without reservation in the process of bodily rebalancing through which Neeshee will guide you.
— J.C., Kapaa

I am very impressed with the detailed evaluation Neeshee did for my first and second visits.. always interesting to get feed back from different perspectives on health. And the dietary, herbal, and life style recommendations he suggested are to the point and I think I can benefit a lot from following them without having to change my current mainly raw, vegan diet. Thank you Neeshee! Will be recommending you to family and friends.
— M.R., Kapaa
I just had a consultation with Neeshee Pandit about my health issues and I feel much better about his recommendations on further improving my health. During the one hour session he listened to all the details and made several observations that were missed by other doctors and practitioners. His description of the disease process is something that I had never considered and rang true as to how I am now experiencing it. I look forward to processing his recommendations.
— J.N., Texas

Neeshee did readings for both me and my son, and we were both impressed, and even amazed, by his insights into our personalities and his wide-ranging, articulate, and deeply useful approach. He puts his reading in the perspective of our patterned existence, our strong points and our weak ones as well where we are now in regard to issues in our lives and where we might be in the future. Also, the Vedic approach provides an-in depth extra to the Western one. Neeshee is obviously a very skillful, and very through, master of his art. I recommend him unreservedly.
— A.S., Potomac

Neeshee gives Vedic Astrology readings, one of the most ancient and insightful tools available to human beings that reveal the karmic patterns with which we come into this present life. It also shows how those patterns will tend to unfold throughout our lives. Neeshee is highly skilled at this craft, and his intuitive, wise, and compassionate approach allow his clients to better understand themselves at a deep level, while getting a sense of what could be required to achieve balance and harmony in this life. We spent over and hour doing my reading, and it was amazingly accurate and very much needed. I really can’t recommend his services enough.
— M.R., Birmingham

I’ve been getting astrological readings done every year by a very prominent, highly respected, western astrologer since 1997. My reading with Neeshee brought astrology to a completely different level. It was like going from a one-dimensional universe to a three dimensional universe. There are so many different layers in Vedic astrology. I was almost taken aback by the accuracy of his reading as he was describing me. It was as if someone had given him a secret blueprint into my emotional, physical and mental being. It was also very relieving on some level, to see that so much of who we are is because of this planetary arrangement. I also loved how he not only talked about my current experience, but about past lives patterns and the deeper personality. I am so impressed with Vedic astrology and Neeshee’s grasp of it! It has so much more depth to it then western astrology. If you are wanting to understand yourself better, I would highly recommend getting a reading done by Neeshee!
— M.S., Seattle

I was pleased to have my first astrology reading done by Neeshee Pandit. Well articulated, clear, to-the-point, and full of insight; Neeshee has a clear talent and skill for communicating the patterns which show up in our Astrology reading. Rather than talking about a bunch of disparate elements; Neeshee has an ability to create a story and weave the various aspects of Astrology into a coherent harmonious whole which informs the recipient of patterns and tendencies which play out in the course of their life. I highly valued my reading with Neeshee. His insight, humour, and wisdom clearly shine through during the reading. I came away with a better feeling of understanding certain aspects, evident in my reading, which have played out in my life and continue to exert influence. Grounded in a practical, spiritually oriented perspective...Neeshee’s astrology readings are valuable for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves. Highly recommended!! Thank you.
— S.E., Cobb

Neeshee, your reading has helped me to be clear on my life’s purpose here. Your reading has literally made a big impact in my life, relieving me of much confusion and grief.
— B.H., Fiji

I had Natal and Medical Astrology Readings with Neeshee. The information I received was life changing. Neeshee, provided me with the tools I needed to navigate on my path to greatness. He included follow-up instructions for health issues I’ve been dealing with, which I did not know was available through an astrological reading. Neeshee was patient, caring, and insightful. I highly recommend Neeshee Pandit and look forward to our next encounter.
— E.W., Denver

I have felt an immense amount of peace, reassurance, and clear mindedness since our meeting. I am thankful to have had our interaction. Thank you again, and may God bless you with everlasting peace and prosperity.
— A.A., Longview

Hi Neeshee, Thanks again for the consultation. It was very good. You are a wise and helpful person. The consultation continues to be of great use to me in navigating my way through some positive life changes.
— T.F., Auckland
I was really pleased with the reading, the felt relief and big release a subtle but Big shift. It was the first time someone with a holistic/alternative medicine background believed me and trusted me to “listen to my body”. The first time I haven’t been given a list of things I’m doing wrong and I didn’t feel judged. A thousand thank you’s, you were very good, very clever, you didn’t say anything that I could use to beat myself up! I’ve been smiling and laughing at myself, and such a release. I can relax, a huge weight has lifted.
— M.R., Melbourne

Neeshee, just want to say thanks heaps for the reading yesterday. You’ve given me much to ponder and digest. Thank you for your insight and wise counsel.
— J.J., Melbourne

I have listened to the first recording of the astrology reading Neeshee gave me several times and it is so great to be able to reflect on what was said. I learn new things every time.
— C.H., California

Neeshee, I really appreciate all your help. I have been thinking about everything you have said. I really needed to hear a lot of what you said. Thank you very much for the brilliant reading.
— Y.S., South Africa

Tears of gratitude...thank you so much Neeshee! Your heart was so out there, forward, and straight in your communication. Thank you again.
— E.S., California