After 5 glorious weeks in Kauai, Hawaii during the winter of 2017, I return to Chicago. Two days later I slipped on ice and broke off my Greater Tuberocity that holds my rotator cuff and other important things to my shoulder, and fractured my humorous. The orthopedic had me all set for surgery, which would entail a 3" plate and 7 screws. But the doctor says "though quite unlikely, your x-ray looks as if your injury is still in alignment. He sent me for a cat-scan, and sure enough it maintained in perfect position. I DIDN'T HAVE TO HAVE SURGERY! I can only thank Nicole for the remarkable Rolfing treatments I received during my trip.  I am a dance instructor, and studio owner, and was seeking a Rolfer to provide numerous deep muscle treatments while in Kauai. What a blessing it was to find Nicole. She is holistic in her approach to achieving alignment and healing. Nicole had a plan for each of my 6 sessions, and I was even able to get an expert Ayurvedic evaluation of my overall health from her partner Neeshee, that has me on a much better path of health. Don't mis out on this dynamic duo!
--Shelley, Chicago, IL

I loved your Ayurvedic facial massage! My face was clean and glowing for a good week. Thanks so much.
--V.H., Kapaa, HI

Very professional and excellent work! I highly recommend.
--C.P., Kapaa, HI

When I went to Nicole I was in need of a good massage to loosen up my shoulders and back. She gave one of the BEST massages I have ever received...and I have received many great massages from many places and countries. She is strong, and uses her hands and arms to massage in unique ways. It relieved the tightness quickly but gently. I loved the beautiful relaxing flute music that was playing softly in the background also. All of that made me completely bliss out for the whole 90 minutes. She is a gem!
--S.K., Los Angeles, CA

Nicole gives incredible massage and rolfing. I've been massaged by her several times now and she's very sensitive to what's going on with my body, very strong, capable and artful in working out the knots and tension and is an all around high-level healer. She's got the intuition and the application down. Magic hands, worth every penny. You will not be disappointed.
--S.M., Los Angeles, CA

Hands down the best massage on Kauai. Nicole's hands, forearms and elbows are magical they make my aches and pains disappear. Most times without me mentioning where it hurts. Nicole is a master in her art, go see her now!
--K.K., Kapaa, HI

Where to start....There are so many nice things to say about Wailua Healing Hearts in the Wailua homesteads. Their peaceful location is situated near the Hindu Monastery and sacred forest of Rudraksha trees. And when you meet Nicole you see that she emanates an inner tranquility. She greets you with a calming politeness. The private massage room near the back of their house is an outdoor screened-in room that is very comfortable; the massage table and linens were top quality. The professional, therapeutic massage rated an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Her focus, attentiveness and fluidity were outstanding. Nicole adeptly zeroed in on the trigger points to take care of the "crunchy" spots in my neck and shoulders. Each of my several sessions was kind of a consciousness-expanding experience that left me completely relaxed and realigned. So do your sore muscles a favor and call Nicole soon. She's unique.
--B.C., Kapaa, HI