I am very impressed with the detailed evaluation Neeshee did for my first and second visits.. always interesting to get feed back from different perspectives on health.. And the dietary, herbal, and life style recommendations he suggested are to the point and I think I can benefit a lot from following them without having to change my current mainly raw, vegan diet. Thank you Neeshee! Will be recommending you to family and friends.
--M.R., Kapaa, HI

Neeshee's effortless approach to counseling and educating through Ayurveda creates a natural inspiration and commitment to this particular health approach. Over the course of our treatment sessions together, Neeshee helped steer my health, physically and psychologically, back to a much more balanced state. During this time he introduced a new lifestyle approach, gave herbal supplements for support, and was a guide in areas of my life which always seemed to be a consistent struggle. His years of academic study, as well as an innate ability towards coaching, he easily helped guide me back towards my optimal state of health. During my time with Neeshee, clarity was gained and my health restored. I am very grateful.  
--K.S., Galesburg, IL

After several weeks of consultation with Neeshee I have so much more energy, I've lost weight, and I have a keen understanding of the bodily and emotional imbalances that my diet, habits, and environment tend to produce, and I have remedies for them. For the first time in my life I am a truly healthy person, body and mind. I fully recommend participating wholeheartedly and without reservation in the process of bodily rebalancing through which Neeshee will guide you. 
--J.C., Kapaa, HI