Vimala (ཛ་ཏི་ཉི་ཞུ)

Vimala (ཛ་ཏི་ཉི་ཞུ)


Formulated in the Ninth Century CE by the Indian Dzogchen Master, Vimalamitra.

Vimala was specifically created for rlung (vata) that invades the heart (snying rlung), which results in many mental imbalances such as depression, lack of concentration, and anxiety.

Vimala has been traditionally used for vāta (Tib. rlung) disturbances by Tibetan doctors for more than a thousand years. Today it is often prescribed for insomnia. Vimala is a safe, effective and non-habit forming formula that can be used regularly or as needed. 

60 Pills

Suggested usage: 2-3 pills in the evening, taken with boiled water or hot milk, 1 hour before bedtime. 

Ingredients: Myristica fragrans, Terminalia chebulam, Boswellia carterii, Aquilaria agallocha, Ox gallstone, Ferula Asafetida, Ellettaria Cardamomum, Amomum subulatum, Eugenia Aromatica, Bambusa pith, Carum carvi, Santalum alba, Pterocarpus santalinus, Terminalia bellerica, Phyllanthus emblica, Choerospondias axillaris, Allium sattiva, Bergonia pupurescens. 

Wildcrafted and empowered in Amdo, Tibet

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