Surya Shanti Cream

Surya Shanti Cream


Surya Shanti Cream is a unique product from Vaidya Mishra for balancing Pitta-type skin conditions. It has the added benefit of functioning as a sunscreen. Below is the official description of this product that Vaidya has written: 

Surya Shanti Cream can be used whenever your skin is hot and burning.  The Sanskrit word, surya, mean "sun."  And shanti means "pacification."  Surya Shanti Cream pacifies the heat generated by too much exposure to the sun.

This cream was designed to be an Ayurvedic sunscreen substitute, but it has not been tested by the FDA.  Use it at your own risk. 

It balances brajaka pitta, the pitta located in the skin.  It helps reduce hot burning sensations on the skin, whether caused by internal toxins, like amavisha, or by sunburn, or by touching hot objects.  Because it coolsbrajaka pitta so deeply, it can be a good preparation for exposure to the sun's hot rays. 

Surya Shanti Cream has not been tested by the FDA as a sunscreen, and should be used with caution.  However, some people are reporting that it is very helpful for preventing sunburn. 

We suggest that you test it for yourself in a way that will not endanger your skin if it doesn't work for you. Try it on a section of skin for a moderate exposure time.  If you replace your regular sunscreen with this product be warned that you do so at your own risk.  You may need to keep applying during the day.  It is not waterproof.

Sunlight heats the skin dramatically.  If your skin is cooled by this cream prior to sun exposure, your skin's own natural resistance to sunburn is strenghthened.  It is also great to apply after sun exposure. Many people are reporting that it can remove the redness caused by sunburn in just a few minutes.  We invite you to test it for yourself.

The formula contains no chemicals or preservatives and delivers lots of cooling soma to the skin.  It not only cools the skin, but opens the skin's reception to soma in the environment.

This cream will not block the good things you need from sunlight.  Your skin will recieve what it needs to make Vitamin D from sunlight without getting imbalanced by the sun's burning quality.

If you are a high pitta type, you may experience burning sensations anytime for no apparent reason.  This cream can be useful for restoring balance quickly.  You may want to apply it on the neck or even the scalp whenever it starts to burn.  It can also be helpful for cooling the body before sleep.

Ingredients: "Total Surya Shanti" proprietary herbal synergy, Yasad bhasma, Vetiver, Sandalwood, with the essence of Grapefruit and Sweet Orange in a base of Organic Goat's Milk.

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