Moon Crystal Nectar (ཟླ་ཤེལ་བདུད་རྩི་མ)

Moon Crystal Nectar (ཟླ་ཤེལ་བདུད་རྩི་མ)


Transmitted by wisdom dakinis in a vision to the famous 19th century Tibetan polymath, Mipham, "Moon Crystal Nectar" is considered to be a general tonifier and rejuvenative. Mipham himself recommends it for stomach complaints, liver complaints, poison, ulcers, indigestion and abdominable pains. He also considered it a powerful rasāyana, and it can be taken as a daily supplement. 

60 Pills

Suggested usage: 2 pills in the morning or before lunch, taken with boiled water 1/2 hour before meals. 

Lohā Bhāsma (Prepared Iron), Shilājit, Carthamus tinctorius, Dracocephalum tanguticum, Calcite, Inula racemosa, Vladimiria souliei

Wildcrafted and empowered in Amdo, Tibet

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