Digestive Restore (སེ་འབྲུ་དྭངས་གནས)

Digestive Restore (སེ་འབྲུ་དྭངས་གནས)


Digestive Restore (Se 'bru dwangs gnas) is a traditional formula for restoring weakened digestive heat. Ideal for pitta/mkhris pa constitutions. 

Powder, 30 grams

Punica granatum, Cinnammomum cassia, Piper longum, Elettaria cardamomum, Carthamus tinctorius

Suggested usage: 1 gram in the morning, taken with boiled water 1/2 hour before breakfast. 

Wildcrafted and formulated using traditional methods by small artisanal pharmacies in Amdo, Tibet

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