DGL Roll-On

DGL Roll-On


DGL (de-glycerized licorice root) is excellent for cooling the body, alkalizing the gross and subtle channels, neutralizing acidic toxins, removing EMF toxicity, and restoring the energetic intelligence of the body. 

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Description written by Vaidya Mishra:

When the body is full of amavisha (reactive toxins), it can be a delicate process to remove the toxins without creating more damage to the tissues and organs. DGL (deglycyrrhized licorice) Transdermal Cream provides an effective and safe method to reduce toxicity in the body.

According the ancient, Ayurvedic Sanskrit texts, yashtimadhu (licorice) is very effective for buffering the highly acidic nature of amavisha toxins. Because of its susnigdha guna (good lubricating quality) it is also able to bind them and slide them out of the body.

However, when licorice is taken internally, the liver and digestive system must be in good working order for licorice (or any herb) to be effective. Unfortunately, this is never the case when someone has a build-up of toxins in the body. If there are toxins in the blood, it must be that the liver has become overwhelmed with toxins itself.

Crude herbs taken internally must pass through the digestive system and liver before they can be used by the body. If the digestion is weak, the body will make ama (partially digested material) of the herb, and if the liver is full of toxins, the subtle vibration of the herb will be corrupted by the destructive vibrations of such a large quantity of toxins sitting in the liver. In either case, the herb will not be very effective at removing toxins in the rest of the body.

Vaidya Mishra's DGL Transdermal Cream does not contain the crude herb. Instead, it contains only thesukshma bhag (subtlest fraction of the herb) and the prabhavas (special properties of the herb). Because it does not contain the crude herb, it does not need to processed by the digestive system or liver. This cream is applied to the skin and is absorbed transdermally to the blood stream.

Through the use of this transdermal cream, you can bypass the digestive system and allow the essence of the herb to reach the blood and all the organs and tissues where toxins may be hiding. In this way, DGL Transdermal Cream is able to help clean the blood and tissues, alkalize the nadis (channels), and gently cool the body in preparation for the use of more powerful herbs to detoxify the liver. It also can be used during liver detox to help neutralize the acidic toxins coming out of the liver.