Polarity Screens

Polarity Screens


Polarity screens are also known as "Eemans screens". They were invented by Leon Eeman in the 1920s. Includes a pair of high quality well-constructed copper Polarity Screens that will last, and a booklet explaining how to use them. The booklet also includes commentary by Spiritual Master, Adi Da Samraj, on the energy "circuits" of the body, and how to transform the "negative" circuitry created by stress. 

Polarity Screens enhance the natural circuit of "conductivity" by polarizing the descending energy down the frontal line of the body and ascending energy up the spinal line of the body. Whenever the body is under stress, enervated, or out of balance, this natural "conductivity" is obstructed, so that a counter circuit of energy ascends up the frontal line and descends down the spinal line. Polarity screens work to re-establish the natural descending-ascending circuit of bodily energy.
                   —Avatar Adi Da Samraj
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Most common uses of Polarity Screens:

  • to relieve accumulated stress and to refresh bodily energy

  • to provide relief from pain and fatigue

  • to help free up attention before meditation 

  • to help strengthen the body when stressed, sick, or depleted in any way 

  • to help relieve insomnia or assist with going to sleep

  • for children, to help them relax and feel calm

  • after air travel, to reduce the effects of jet lag

If you want to prove that you are energy, use Polarity Screens for a few minutes. Remarkably, they will communicate to you that, whatever else you are, you are a field of energy. Energy is running through your hands, your fingers, your back, your head. You will discover that you can change your sensations, simply by causing those currents to run differently. If you do this, you will gain a sense of yourself that you perhaps did not have before. In the natural state of unobstructed feeling, however, everyone has this sense of himself or herself as energy.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj