Massage & Ayurvedic Therapies

Clinic Space at Wailua Healing Arts

Clinic Space at Wailua Healing Arts

Traditional Asian Medicine discusses four lines of treatment: diet, lifestyle, herbs, and external therapies. Of these four, external therapies are the most direct and effective for chronic conditions, or conditions which are not fully responsive to diet, lifestyle, and herbal therapies. At Wailua Healing Arts, we offer time-honored treatments in a quiet and rejuvenating setting. We currently offer oil-based massage (abhyanga and shirodhara) and Tibetan moxabustion (metsa). Learn more about our offerings below.

Massage is a significant energy-based therapy in Ayurveda. In traditional medicine, massage is not merely a manipulation of the musculature, but a dynamic interplay of energetic touch and physical manipulation. In the context of massage, the practitioner is able to make direct energetic contact with the patient, and thus a healing transmission occurs. The massaging of the musculature opens the physical and subtle channels while releasing toxic accumulations and energetic blockages. Ayurvedic massage often makes use of medicated oils, or oils infused with herbs, tailored to the constitution and imbalances of the patient.

Ayurveda recommends the daily practice of self-massage with constitutionally and seasonally appropriate oils that are usually infused with herbs. Self-massage with oil lubricates the body and its channels, ensuring the smooth flow of life-energy, the healthy flow of blood and lymph, and the efficient removal of toxins. Oiling the body daily is a form of detoxification--the oil "pulls" toxins from deep in the body's tissues to the surface for elimination. Ayurveda also describes specific massage practices for infants, children, and pregnant women.

Ayurvedic Oil Massage (Abhyanga)
60 minutes / $150

Traditionally known as abhyanga, Ayurvedic Oil Massage is a time-tested therapy for balancing the body and mind. Abhyanga is one of the five principal therapies applied in Ayurvedic Detoxification and Rejuvenation practices known as panchakarma (“five actions”). Abhyanga features slow and soft strokes, helping to drain the lymph, circulate the blood, and to lubricate the tissues of the body. A unique massage oil prepared with Ayurvedic herbs is used throughout the massage. Oil is known in Sanskrit as snigdha which shares the same root as sneha which means “love”. Therefore, the application of oil to the body is understood in Ayurveda to be not only physically lubricating but nourishing to the emotions and mind.

Abhyanga is a tonifying therapy that is recommended for Vata and Pitta conditions. It helps the body eliminate toxins while also giving more strength and adaptability to the stresses of life. When we are properly nourished, our immunity is strong, and our complexion is radiant.

30 minutes / $8060 minutes / $150

Shirodhara is one of Ayurveda’s most luxurious traditional therapies. Shiro means “head” and dhara means “to pour”. During a shirodhara treatment, a copper vessel filled with warm herbalized oil flows directly upon the third eye (ajña chakra) in a steady stream. It is a very relaxing treatment that especially helps balance the mind and emotions, while opening the door of intuition and higher connectivity. Shirodhara is beneficial for a number of conditions, including general stress and anxiety, nervousness, headaches, insomnia, and PTSD.

Deep Tissue Massage
60 minutes / $150

Deep Tissue Massage is one of Nicole’s specialties. If you are looking for a truly therapeutic deep tissue massage, then look no further.


Hands down the best massage on Kauai. Nicole’s hands, forearms and elbows are magical they make my aches and pains disappear. Most times without me mentioning where it hurts. Nicole is a master in her art, go see her now!
—K.K., Kapaa, HI

The 90min massage and the Shirodhara treatment Nicole gave was pure Bliss! The best I have ever received from anyone. It relieved a lot of stress in the body and mind and completely calmed the whole being. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone. Absolutely loved every minute of it. Thank you so much Nicole for this magical healing treatment!
—M.R., Kapaa, HI

Transformative. Truly a life changing experience for me as a first experience with Nicole and Ayurvedic oil massage. If you're reading this please don't hesitate to try it for yourself. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Mahalo Nicole! If I'm ever back on Kauai I will make an appointment:)
—V.P., Honolulu, HI

Where to start....There are so many nice things to say about Wailua Healing Hearts in the Wailua homesteads. Their peaceful location is situated near the Hindu Monastery and sacred forest of Rudraksha trees. And when you meet Nicole you see that she emanates an inner tranquility. She greets you with a calming politeness. The private massage room near the back of their house is an outdoor screened-in room that is very comfortable; the massage table and linens were top quality. The professional, therapeutic massage rated an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Her focus, attentiveness and fluidity were outstanding. Nicole adeptly zeroed in on the trigger points to take care of the “crunchy” spots in my neck and shoulders. Each of my several sessions was kind of a consciousness-expanding experience that left me completely relaxed and realigned. So do your sore muscles a favor and call Nicole soon. She’s unique.
—B.C., Kapaa, HI

When I went to Nicole I was in need of a good massage to loosen up my shoulders and back. She gave one of the BEST massages I have ever received...and I have received many great massages from many places and countries. She is strong, and uses her hands and arms to massage in unique ways. It relieved the tightness quickly but gently. I loved the beautiful relaxing flute music that was playing softly in the background also. All of that made me completely bliss out for the whole 90 minutes. She is a gem!
—S.R., Los Angeles, CA