Massage Therapy

Nicole offers professional whole body oil massage. She specializes in deep tissue massage, Ayurvedic oil massage (abhyānga), relaxation massage, reflexology massage, and aromatherapy massage. Nicole offers training in personal care routines such as self-massage, daily stretching and yoga, and holistic health practices to support a well-rounded self-care practice. Her hands work to release obstructions in the body, evoke right alignment, and create maximum ease in the body.

Call or text to Nicole for an appointment at her peaceful, private Lanai Studio in the Wailua Homesteads. The environment is comfortable, spacious, and fully screened-in. Nicole offers treatments on a soft, extrawide Earth Lite massage table and only uses organic oils for the ultimate massage and aromatherapy experience.

Nicole's Massage Studio is located near the famous Kauai Hindu Monastery. She also makes home-calls for professional massage to locals and visitors upon request.

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