Neeshee is available for in-person consultations on the island of Kauai, Hawaii or via Skype video. Until he finishes his study of clinical Ayurvedic theory, Neeshee is limiting his consultations to the areas of diet, lifestyle, and herbs. At this time, he is not consulting with individuals suffering from severe imbalances in the form of chronic degenerative diseases (such as cancer, parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, etc.). Neeshee will begin consulting with clients suffering from these serious illnesses beginning in late 2015.

In-person initial consult, $125

A consultation consists of a structural and functional examination along with an interview with the client. Neeshee will also make use of special tests such as tongue and pulse diagnosis. The initial consult allows Neeshee to assess one's prakruti (natural constitution) and vikruti (present-time imbalance). This can last anywhere from 1hr - 1.5hrs. Based on the initial consult, Neeshee will schedule a follow-up report of findings. 

Report of Findings, $75

After the initial consultation, Neeshee will take time to process and evaluate all of the information he has received from his client. On this basis, he will make specific recommendations for lifestyle and diet. He will design a custom herbal formula for you if necessary and will recommend products that will be useful in addressing imbalances. All follow-up appointments are $75. Neeshee recommends that you schedule a follow-up appointment within two weeks so he can track your progress and make any further adjustments for your optimal health. For an additional $25, Neeshee is happy to offer a month of unlimited email communication with his clients after the Report of Findings.

Skype video initial consult, $120/hr; Report of Findings $75

Not everyone is able to come to the office and so Neeshee makes himself available to clients worldwide via Skype. Unlike many doctors who simply do phone consultations, Neeshee prefers to use Skype video so that he can actually see and connect with his client face to face. By seeing his client, Neeshee can more accurately determine their prakruti and vikruti, and by connecting with them, he can address their imbalances with greater depth. Because his remote clients cannot come into the office in person, Neeshee makes himself available to them via email for up to a month after the Report of Findings.