EMF Solutions

EMF/EMR: The Modern Etiological Factor

When my teacher Vaidya Mishra came to the West, he was astonished by what he found in reading the pulse of his patients. He went back home to the village where he trained under his father and asked his father about this "buzz" he was feeling in the pulse of patients in the West. Vaidya noted that in the village where he grew up, there was no EMF toxicity, that this was an entirely new etiological factor not previously accounted for. 

Vaidya Mishra realized that this was a significant issue, because EMF was corrupting the intelligent flow of prana through the subtle channels by "mixing" with it. EMFs are similar to prana. If we consider electricity, there is always a hot wire, a cold wire, and then the circulation of the electrical current. Prana has the same components: agni (solar energy), soma (lunar energy), and marut (circulating etheric energy). Due to this similarity, EMFs mix with the natural prana and have negative effects on our health. The overall effect of EMFs is that it corrupts the pranic flow and overheats the body. This is why looking at computer screens for too long dries the eyes or causes them to burn. EMF/EMR burns the soma of the body, leaving us devitalized, depleted, and without the raw material for ojas, the most refined vital essence of the body and source of immunity. 

The EMF problem did not really hit me until I heard Vaidya say that there cannot be any real practice of Ayurveda without first addressing the EMF toxicity. He felt it was too significant a toxin because it was directly interfering with the subtle channels, undermining intelligent functioning of the entire body. 

So far, I have not felt a single pulse that is not full of EMF toxicity. The EMFs make the pulse more etheric, weak, and will also give it a buzz. The EMF pulse is also disorganized--it lacks the feeling of integrity, organization, and flowing pranic energy. Individuals who spend significant time in front of computers or who have technologically-oriented careers are the most susceptible. 

What To Do About EMF/EMR

The truth is that EMF/EMR is completely unavoidable in modern times. We can do what we can to minimize exposure, but it is everywhere we look and breathe. Even if you don't keep Wi-Fi in your home, all of your neighbors certainly have it. If you choose to avoid smart meters, at least some of your neighbors will have it. Mobile phones are now essential, and who can live without a computer? We must face the reality that EMFs are pervasive. 

That said, Vaidya has come up with some innovative solutions based on the principles of Ayurveda. There are also some simple tips that everyone can follow to help reduce the influence of EMFs in their life. 

  • Use DGL and SuperSport roll-ons (or Flex 'n Flow) on the entire spine. This helps re-establish the intelligence of the body and clears EMFs from the subtle channels. DGL alkalizes the channels while SuperSport opens the channels. Flex 'n Flow accomplishes both purposes and I prefer this product a little more. 
  • Walk barefoot on the grass or sand every day. The ground will absorb the EMFs. This practice now often known as "Earthing". The more contact you can make with nature, the better. 
  • Keep EMF absorbing plants in your environment. Examples include Tulsi (Holy Basil) and Chinese Evergreen. These plants also purify the air. 
  • Use Vaidya's Vayu Shuddhi Air Freshener. This unique formulation, when sprayed in the air, not only clears negative energies, but clears EMF pollution as well. 
  • Use Tesla plates. This is, by far, the most effective ongoing solution I have found. I highly recommend the personal plate which is to be worn around the neck over the thymus gland 24/7. I have yet to remove mine. I had to go through a body scanner in Australia recently and I did not notice the effects at all, whereas in the past my whole body would be buzzing. Tesla plates strengthen your bio-field but also absorb EMFs. There are computer plates, car plates, plates for water and electrical lines. I would highly recommend that people look into these. 
  • Use SafeSpace Protection products. These are great products for balancing EMFs, but to be honest, I have not found them to be as effective as the Tesla plates. 
  • Avoid unnecessary EMF exposure. Staring at the blue sky can be a great way to cool the eyes after looking at screens. Triphala ghee and ALA Cream are other excellent products for nourishing the eyes. Do not use Bluetooth unless you have to.  If you can avoid Wi-Fi, that is great--but it is becoming more difficult to do so as technologies are being created now that are Wi-Fi dependent (such as iPads, Cloud technology, etc.)--at the very least, turn off your Wi-Fi router overnight. 
  • Use your mobile phone with speaker phone rather than against your ear. When you sleep, put it on airplane mode and keep it away from your person.