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Acupuncture came out of the same milieu as astrology—astrology, perhaps, even being senior to it, in some sense. Acupuncture is based on showing a design of correspondences that relate to the physical body. Astrology is doing exactly the same procedure to find out its “acupuncture points in the sky”, so to speak, to generate patterns that are useful tools for looking at the ground plan “below” it, so to speak—the total world, big picture things, anything really. It is a profound system based on the observation of patterns—simply, patterns correspond to one another. And if you see something in a small one, there are correspondences in the big one. Therefore, it is just about noting very much in detail how those correspondences work out—not merely for the sake of prediction, but for the sake of noticing this design, observing and noting of the pattern that is patterning, with clarity about everything.
— Avatar Adi Da Samraj

 In Tibet, it is said that a good physician must be a minor astrologer, and a good astrologer must be a minor physician. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, echoed a similar sentiment when he said, “He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool”. These sentiments illustrate how astrology and medicine were practiced together in the ancient world. Medicine can show us the earthly and human causes of disease, but only astrology can show us the heavenly causes of disease. It is only when we have a portrait of the influences of heaven and earth that we can properly visualize the state of man.

I consult the astrological charts of all my clients. I have always found the insights found therein to be valuable in helping my clients achieve optimum health. For this reason, I also offer astrological readings to provide a larger perspective and context for self-understanding, to empower my clients to navigate their personal healing journey at physical, psychological, and spiritual levels. It is when we live out of harmony with ourselves that disease arises. Astrology can help us see where we are not harmonizing with our potential destiny, allowing us to perceive with greater consciousness the unconscious forces shaping our lives.

I currently offer the following astrological readings:

  • Natal Reading

  • Yearly Reading

  • Cards of Truth Reading

  • Prashna Reading (1-2 questions)

  • Rahu-Ketu Reading

  • Astrological Counseling Sessions


I had Natal and Medical Astrology Readings with Neeshee. The information I received was life changing. Neeshee, provided me with the tools I needed to navigate on my path to greatness. He included follow-up instructions for health issues I’ve been dealing with, which I did not know was available through an astrological reading. Neeshee was patient, caring, and insightful. I highly recommend Neeshee Pandit and look forward to our next encounter.
—E.W., Denver, CO

I got a medical astrology reading for my son, who was a little reluctant. However, Neeshee besides being a great astrologer was a wonderful counselor, and was able to get the message across to my stubborn son on how to improve his health conditions.
—M.N., Owing Mills, MD

Neeshee did readings for both me and my son, and we were both impressed, and even amazed, by his insights into our personalities and his wide-ranging, articulate, and deeply useful approach. He puts his reading in the perspective of our patterned existence, our strong points and our weak ones as well where we are now in regard to issues in our lives and where we might be in the future. Also, the Vedic approach provides an-in depth extra to the Western one. Neeshee is obviously a very skillful, and very through, master of his art. I recommend him unreservedly.
— A.S., Potomac, MD

Neeshee gives Vedic Astrology readings, one of the most ancient and insightful tools available to human beings that reveal the karmic patterns with which we come into this present life. It also shows how those patterns will tend to unfold throughout our lives. Neeshee is highly skilled at this craft, and his intuitive, wise, and compassionate approach allow his clients to better understand themselves at a deep level, while getting a sense of what could be required to achieve balance and harmony in this life. We spent over and hour doing my reading, and it was amazingly accurate and very much needed. I really can’t recommend his services enough.
—M.R., Birmingham, AL

I’ve been getting astrological readings done every year by a very prominent, highly respected, western astrologer since 1997. My reading with Neeshee brought astrology to a completely different level. It was like going from a one-dimensional universe to a three dimensional universe. There are so many different layers in Vedic astrology. I was almost taken aback by the accuracy of his reading as he was describing me. It was as if someone had given him a secret blueprint into my emotional, physical and mental being. It was also very relieving on some level, to see that so much of who we are is because of this planetary arrangement. I also loved how he not only talked about my current experience, but about past lives patterns and the deeper personality. I am so impressed with Vedic astrology and Neeshee’s grasp of it! It has so much more depth to it then western astrology. If you are wanting to understand yourself better, I would highly recommend getting a reading done by Neeshee!
— M.S., Seattle, WA

I was pleased to have my first astrology reading done by Neeshee Pandit. Well articulated, clear, to-the-point, and full of insight; Neeshee has a clear talent and skill for communicating the patterns which show up in our Astrology reading. Rather than talking about a bunch of disparate elements; Neeshee has an ability to create a story and weave the various aspects of Astrology into a coherent harmonious whole which informs the recipient of patterns and tendencies which play out in the course of their life. I highly valued my reading with Neeshee. His insight, humour, and wisdom clearly shine through during the reading. I came away with a better feeling of understanding certain aspects, evident in my reading, which have played out in my life and continue to exert influence. Grounded in a practical, spiritually oriented perspective...Neeshee’s astrology readings are valuable for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves. Highly recommended!! Thank you.
—S.E., Cobb, CA

Neeshee, just want to say thanks heaps for the reading yesterday. You’ve given me much to ponder and digest. Thank you for your insight and wise counsel.
—J.J., Melbourne, Australia

I have listened to the first recording of the astrology reading Neeshee gave me several times and it is so great to be able to reflect on what was said. I learn new things every time.
—C.H., California

Tears of gratitude...thank you so much Neeshee! Your heart was so out there, forward, and straight in your communication. Thank you again.
—E.S., Cobb, CA