Articles by Neeshee Pandit, AHP

Guduchi: The Amrit of Ayurveda
Research paper written as a student at the California College of Ayurveda, later published by the College. The scope of this paper is to examine the qualities and actions of the herb, Guduchi (tinospora cordifolia), and its uses in Ayurvedic medicine according to the classical texts Caraka SamhitaAstanga Hridayam, and Bhav Prakash. The herb is also examined from the unique perspective of the ancient Shaka Vansya Ayurveda lineage. 

What Is The Wuji?
This article elucidates the meaning of the Wuji Field of Energy, which is the Field of Energy the patient comes into contact with during Wuji Qigong Treatments. The more one understands what the Wuji Field is, the more one can participate in its depth, and also appreciate the unique root-healing that occurs in Wuji Treatments. 

Travel Tips: How To Stay Balanced While You Travel
An Ayurvedic guide to maintaining balance before and during travel. 

EMF Solutions
An Ayurvedic guide to reducing EMF toxicity--the most significant modern etiological factor.

Guidelines For Healthy Living
An Ayurvedic guide to healthy lifestyle along with Neeshee's unique dietary recommendations. 

Ghee Is Life
A brief article on the benefits of ghee in the daily diet. 

True Soma: The Total Lunar Eclipse of January 20, 2019
A broad-reaching essay that explores the nature of eclipse cycles, the differences between solar and lunar eclipses, the nature of north vs. south node eclipses, and remedial measures. This essay also explores the patterns of the total lunar eclipse of January 20, including the ways in which it echoes the partial solar eclipse which preceded it.

The Creative Mastery of Inner and Outer Life: The Partial Solar Eclipse of January 5-6, 2019
An in-depth consideration of Partial Solar Eclipse of January 5-6, 2019 and Saros Series 122, from the perspectives of Vedic Astrology and The Cards of Truth.

The Yoga of Eclipses
Are eclipses good or bad? Poisonous or nectarous? What is the right understanding and the real significance of eclipses? This essay these questions from two perspectives: the Vedic view and the Tantric view. As eclipses cannot be discussed without exploring the meaning of Rahu and Ketu, this essay became the most comprehensive writing I have done on Rahu and Ketu so far.

Grounding Vata
An exploration of why meat (and heavy foods) are not necessary to balance vata—considered from the perspectives of Ayurvedic medical theory, Vedic philosophy, and Tantric yoga.

The Lost Calculation: Between India and Tibet
A consideration of the Kalacakra Tantra, its criticisms and corrections of the siddhantas, and its subsequent advocacy of a tropical zodiac.

Function and Purpose
On the function of an astrologer and the purpose of astrology readings.

Zodiacs and Ayanamsha
A brief description of my preferred calculation settings.

Beyond The Zodiacal Debate
An address to the politics and polemics currently plaguing astrology.

Outer Planets and The Patterns of Inner Development
A consideration on the nature and role of outer planets in the evolution of consciousness.