Our Vision

Wailua is the name of Kauai’s longest and largest river. A sacred river to the ancient Hawaiians, the Wailua River bestows a special healing energy to the area surrounding it. In the East, water is synonymous with the movement of life-energy. In Yogic and medical texts, the meridians of the body are likened to rivers. When the rivers of our body are flowing harmoniously, there is health.

Wailua Healing Arts is located near the Wailua River, and after a strong rain, you can hear the river rushing from the Clinic. The vision of Wailua Healing Arts is the same as the natural vision of the river’s flowing currents: to help restore the harmonious flow of life-energy in those who come to us. Our therapeutic approach combines the ancient medical systems of the East with the somatic therapies of the West to assist the body’s self-healing process. We hold the vision of health with all of our clients, and strive to access the intersection of body, mind, and spirit to enable the deepest healing.

Our offerings consist of Ayurvedic Health Consultations, Astrological Readings, Ayurvedic and Tibetan Body Therapies, Massage, Rolfing (Structural Integration), and Medical Qigong Therapy. Each of our offerings works specifically at the level of the body, mind, or spirit of the person. We believe that the human being is a natural hierarchy and that each therapy resonates at one or another level of the body-mind-spirit hierarchy. Therefore, we recommend different therapies to different people, depending on what level their imbalance needs to be addressed.

Wailua means “where the joyful waters meet”. This meaningful phrase encapsulates our vision more than any number of words could. Our role is to help our clients find the place of Wailua in their own body, mind, and spirit—so they too can flow “where the joyful waters meet”.