The Wuji provides the energetic medium which joins both matter and spirit, as well as the energetic matrix through which all things exist.
— Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson

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Wuji Qigong Therapy

One of the most noticeable effects of a Wuji Qigong treatment is the release of psycho-physical tension. Patients commonly describe a feeling of deep and even profound relaxation during the treatment. When the body comes into tangible conjunction with the golden light of the Wuji Field, the entire being is coming into coincidence with the Field of Energy that exists prior to all of their imbalances. It is precisely by "resonating" in this Field of Energy that fundamental and deep-seated tensions are spontaneously released. 

The feeling of the Wuji Energy is what the patient experiences during a treatment. It is directly transmitted by the practitioner's own ability to consistently rest in this Field of Energy and transmit it for the purpose of healing.

Treatments are the primary healing therapy, but treatments are only the beginning of the healing process. The patient will also be given prescriptive practices in the form of guided meditations, self-massage of organs, and other Qigong exercises. These practices are how the treatment continues, empowering the patient to breathe and rest in the All-Pervading Field of Life-Energy. 

Treatments are given in person and can also be given at a distance. Patients have noted that distance treatments feel just as effective as in-person treatments, and are a great way to continue the healing process regardless of location. Treatments are not limited to people, but can be given to pets and non-humans as well. We also offer environmental purification to clear negative psychic and pathogenic energy in one's environment. Treating the person is effective, but treating the space the person lives in is just as important--otherwise the energy-patterns in one's environment can cause imbalances to arise again.  

New patients should download the Medical Qigong Intake Form below and bring to the appointment. After the first treatment, the patient will have access to the "Practices" page and be able to directly download guided meditations and descriptions of exercises. 

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Fees (in-person or distance)
Single Wuji treatment (25mins) $60
5 Wuji treatments $250